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A message from Sandra (Director)​

Casa Hogar Bethel was established more than 35 years ago when my mother opened the door of our home to some kids in need. With time, it had grown to more than 100 children. My mother has dedicated her life to educating, loving and providing for the needs of countless abused and abandoned children. Since its humble beginnings, the orphanage has won many awards from the Mexican government for its success stories (children becoming engineers, pastors, veterinarians and more) and my mother was nominated as woman of the year and even had the privilege of speaking with the wife of Mexican president Calderon on several occasions. We are so thankful to God for all He has done.

Bethel Orphanage is truly a house of hope for about 50 children abandoned by or taken from their families. Director Josefina Valencia has been sharing the love of God and caring for the little ones brought to her for over 35 years. Now Anna serves as co-director with her mother and guidance from her grandmother.
We do not have any authority to allow our orphanage children to be adopted. The Mexican government is the only entity that can make those decisions. Although we do not receive any governmental funding, we are still under their authority and must follow their guidance.
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Where are we?

Office: 606  2nd St., Farwell, TX 79325     Physical location: km 29, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico

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